About our fundraise for poor blind to see again



Because this Quantum Awakening initiative operates solely with volunteers, without housing costs and marketing budget, almost all of the donated money goes directly to our fundraising project "The Light"

Those who awaken from the heart know what it's like to go from blindness to seeing everything and they want to shine their found love far beyond themselves, as they become increasingly aware of it that they are the light.

And then there is nothing more beautiful than making others to see again as well.

At events and workshops where participants learn to think in quantum terms and manage to awaken internally through various exercises, as well as spontaneously, money is collected in a high frequency of unconditional pure love energy.

With this money, which remains imbued with this energy, expansive acts of love can be performed. Some may see this as miracles or magic, things that are unthinkable in a materialistic world.


This story is going to be a vivid example...


Because the Quantum Awakening initiative always aims to make people see again, there is no better way to do this than by spending this money on eye cataract surgeries.

Imagine if an operation doesn't cost thousands of euros (Netherlands: >€2400, Kenya: >€950) but only €25, because there are surgeons with hearts full of love energy, nurses who want to assist with this energy and mindset , and a clinic that lovingly provides space for free?

Then, in just a few days, 100 blind patients can be helped, and it turns out the costs for surgical materials and medicines can be covered with just €2500. Here the fundraising project started as project 'The Light"

In countries with a lot of poverty, malnutrition often leads to blindness (cataracts), and these people cannot afford health insurance: Even €25 is not affordable for them, so the money from this fundraising effort is best suited there.

And think about it, if this money attracts so much love that so many blind people can see again in just a few days: this love energy cannot do otherwise as making the cured patients happy and again also their helpers and families.

This happiness will then result in everyone caring for each other again. Thus, the future smiles upon more and more people.

How beautiful would it be if everyone who donated this money with love energy could follow along and experience that expansion with them: What would happen in your heart then...? This is all about the project "The Light".


                                                                         LET'S MAKE PEOPLE SEE.

Current proceeds €3,559 (142 blind people who will soon be able to see!) 

updated 29-04-2024

                           Current proceeds: €3,559 (142 individuals who will soon be able to see!)


Donate via the buttons below or go to https://gofund.me/23924f38 .

Het Ripple Effect


A quantum law state that energies of the same kind attract each other. Angry people attract angry situations, loving actions open your heart, move you, and love flows through you.

In February 2024, the Quantum Awakening team had already reached its goal in just two months with its quantum thinkers and practitioners, raising more than €2500 for 100 eye surgeries.

It was filled with that love, and now as we speak, it's attracting a lot of pure love as well:

This fundraiser caught the attention of the Golden Goddess Circle, inspiring more than 4000 powerful women to set an intention in meditation to amplify the collected love energy 10fold. They foresaw that 1000 blind people with cataracts would be operated on during a medical camp in a remote area of ​​Kenya and would regain their sight. Images of thousands of happy people emerged. It already exists on a timeline; the flow of this love stream just needs to be followed. ( https://youtu.be/8vPwvZKXEE0 )


Shortly after, news came from Euodia Kosgei, the Kenyan representative of the Quantum Awakening initiative, that the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Karen Community in Nairobi was deeply moved by the "The Light" project with this special concept.

They wanted to express their love by finding doctors and volunteers to assist and arranging for a clinic in a remote region to host a medical camp.

They are willing, without ultimate motives, to partner with us and make this dream a reality, while Quantum Awakening will pay €25 per patient for the surgical materials and medicines.

The energy of this money, infused with pure unconditional love, is indeed becoming greater and stronger; it is magical and project "The Light" has only just begun.

They have experience in organizing medical camps; Their goal is to heal people as well as the doctors, nurses and involved collaborators, work as a community from the heart, and all voluntarily.

The quantum team, the quantum thinkers here and those loving people there, together we form one big heart: They are ready to help even hundreds of patients.

How wonderful does this fit into the intention to let 1000 blind people see again this year!



Let's make people see

If you want to be part of this, donate any amount, big or small, whatever you can spare. But only with the energy that you felt rising from your heart as you read this.

Everyone who gives, will receive much more in return, because the Quantum Awakening team will ensure you receive updates until you truly participate in the expansion of this pure love energy with all those involved even in a higher frequency as you imbued it in your donation.

You will truly experience it, you can really be there, amidst all these happy people.

Some call it a miracle....You don't want to miss out on this magic from the quantum field that you initiated yourself, would you?

Donate via the buttons below or go to https://gofund.me/23924f38.




Our intention is for at least 1000 people in Kenya to completely, immediately and permanently receive the eye operation they need to regain perfect eyesight and be competely happy healthy and well in every way.


Sharing is multiplying.

Tell people around you, everyone who wants to listen, about this miracle in the making and they can be part of it.